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Securities Attorney Boca Raton – FAQ’s

Greg Tendrich is a securities attorney based in Boca Raton, FL. He has worked for both brokerage firms and investors. He will represent any investor who has a valid claim against their stock broker, their financial advisor, insurance agent, investment advisor, or bank officer: anyone who has sold an investment to an individual.

When an investment client opens an account with the traditional investment brokerage or large bank, most often they are agreeing to arbitrate any dispute. That is what Mr. Tendrich handles for his clients. There is an overseeing agency which hears these claims through approved arbitrators. A arbitration claim, unlike through the court system, will typically take about eighteen months whereas a lawsuit can take years to complete. Arbitration is less expensive and a more efficient and expedited process. This allows investors to get a result in a much shorter time frame.

Mr. Tendrich serves as an approved arbitrator who sits on panels and knows the system. He is also a Florida Supreme Court certified mediator. Most securities claims will rely on the use of a mediator to try to resolve the dispute before moving to the arbitration hearing, which is the legal and binding final decision process. In a mediation, the claimant controls the process whereas the arbitration hearing is left in the hands of the arbitrators and becomes the final outcome. The mediation process is nonbinding, so the offer can be accepted or rejected by the claimant. Having worked on all sides of the equation, Mr. Tendrich believes this gives him a unique perspective and makes him a more effective representative for his clients.

Please contact him at his website www.yourstocklawyer.com or call 561-417-8777 for further information.

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